Bronze and white, shiny and dull, smooth and rough, pure lines and yet sinuous, elegant, lofty, precious forms. These could be some of the key words of a possible reading of Irma Hölzl’s works.
But his sculptures are much more than that; they tell and represent much more.


Irma Hölzl is a sculptor whose work emerges from an intense creative and intellectual process, followed by physical engagement. His works, whether naturalistic or anthropomorphic, zoomorphic or abstract, reflect a passion for creation and the need to bring a given entity or allusion to life.

Hölzl uses materials such as iron, mesh, rope, plaster and wax to make his sculptures, which take their final form through the skill of the foundryman. His works represent a journey of artistic growth and transformation, developing a language capable of

Continuously renewing itself. Hölzl weaves a dialogue with the observer without imposing a thought or slogan, always seeking balance and refinement. His artistic poetics aims to restore beauty and harmony, evoking nostalgia, memories, dreams and reflections.

His atelier is an orderly universe where large sculptures turn out as light and precious as jewelry. Bronze castings, treated with muted coloring and matte acrylic, seem to capture movement. The human or anthropomorphic figures have barely noticeable robes and expressive faces, often solitary but powerful when in groups, evoking spontaneous attitudes of crowds or playful children.

Joy, zest for life and freedom are common feelings in his works, such as in the large sculptures “Dancer” and “Dancing Figure with Ribbon.” The “Dancer” evokes a mythological meaning with olive branches, while the “Dancing Figure with Ribbon” shows a body merging with the dress.

Hölzl’s works reflect reminiscences of childhood and youth, rooted in a cultural and traditional background, but projected into the future. His sculptures, such as those dedicated to Margareta Maultasch, combine historical and fantastical elements, displaying bronze workmanship that evokes natural materials.

In sum, Irma Hölzl’s works are precious and fascinating fusions that tell complex and cultural stories of her homeland, offering a dual valence of present and past, rootedness and the ability to look beyond.


Acrylic on canvas – 206×99 cm

Acrylic on canvas – 85×75 cm

Acrylic on canvas – 100×100 cm

Acrylic on canvas – 206×99 cm

Painted bronze – H87 cm

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