Roberta Diazzi

Artist’s card

Roberta Diazzi is an artist from Modena, graduated from the Art Institute A. Venturi maturing a graphic design training in advertising. He counts countless collaborations with important galleries, both Italian and foreign, present on the Monegasque territory and in nearby Lugano.

His oil painting is characterized by a mark that makes his works exclusive, but his artistic distinctiveness lies in the use of hundreds of thousands of certified Swarovski crystals of different diameters applied on usually black supports, which are essential to enhance the brilliance, light and colors of the crystals. Not paintings but mosaics of light calibrated and cropped to give energy and power to the figures.

The artist is inspired by postmodern art, traceable to that original stylistic revision derived from Roy Lichtenstein’s comic strip and Andy Warhol’s Pop-Art that imposed the “must-have” portraits on the VIPs of his era.

The painter has received important commissions from distinguished Italian families, including the Ferrari family, the Montezemolo family, and Luciano Pavarotti himself. His art is also considerably sought after abroad: in the Principality of Monaco, Princess Caroline exhibits the work “l’œvre pop de Monaco” in her royal studio. Last in chronological order but not least is the portrait of Peng Liyuan, listed among the most important works in the private collection of the Chinese First Lady.

We can call her an “animal painter”,her portraits, in fact, repurpose fierce, regal, wild animals that look toward the distracted viewer.


“Prisoners of frames, they point, walk and fly toward us who stand by and watch as we erase them from their world. Art is exigency, and Roberta Diazzi’s exigency is to bring their roar into our consciences.”

The Natura series is created exclusively with
Swarovski crystals
certified by the well-known Austrian company.
The crystals used are of different diameters and different colors, skillfully applied one by one until they shape the figure depicted.
Crystals range from 30,000 to 60,000 pieces.

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