Meriem Delacroix

Artist’s card

Meriem was born in 1988 to Parisian parents; she began using colors even before she learned to walk and talk, manifesting from an early age an atavistic need to express herself through painting. Constantly living outside the box, his inner cry is able to manifest itself through art.

At the age of 26, she is told that she has synesthesia, a physiological condition in which the senses contaminate each other, giving color to scents, flavor to landscapes or sound to still objects. Until then she was convinced that anyone saw music as she did.

From then on, he devoted himself totally to abstract painting, an expressive vector of synesthesia, showing how to hear images, smell colors or touch scents.

He participates in charity events (such as in 2021 in Venice, donating a painting to Emergency) and major national and international exhibitions, such as the Milan Biennale, Venice, Paris, and many others.

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