The goal is not just to sell a t-shirt. It is expanding the boundaries of Art, adapting it to new media to reach as many people as possible.

Those who wear 6499 clothing can call themselves truly unique, entering a circle of the very few in stark contrast to the fictitious exclusivity that many brands are promoting today.

The uniqueness of 6499 products is not a dogma simply promoted by the brand, but arises and comes to life from the essence of the product itself.

We wear the same creative and unique style in our t-shirts and sweatshirts. Not garments but wearable works, strictly made in limited editions, which can take part in your art collection after being worn and accompanying you on your most important days.

The combination of art and fashion enhances the work itself and especially the wearer. We are also what we wear.

The “Death is Gain” series, which kicked off the project, has 149 specimens plus one unique piece (e.g., 1/1) that in each series is allocated to a different talent. 

Reinforcing the concept of uniqueness is the original work, from which each clothing line is then born. This, once purchased, will never be put on the market again but will become part of the 6499 collection.

Therefore, anyone interested in acquiring the work can only obtain it in the “alternative” version designed by 6499 Milan. A certificate of authenticity will also be provided to accompany a product that is already unique by definition.