Simple, direct and evocative. These are the three adjectives that draw the profile of Andrea De Luca, an eclectic artist who has the ability to harmoniously communicate and describe his memories, his past, making it inevitably seem like yours as well.


First a painter and then a musician and singer or vice versa, never making it clear what came first and what came later in his soul as a pure creative and communicator.
“It is a phantasmal universe in which landscape and human figures merge but do not blur, maintaining their own grammar of light and dark that contend with the flat spatiality of images, as if obeying a

intimate recall of the chromatic coherences that are of abstraction and informal itself, as if to say that we are in a great contamination, of an appearance that does not claim to be iconic, but it is not enough for it to be allusive and interesting. A great sense of loneliness dominates, in the halo of endless waiting that finds no answers and thus is forced to prolong itself, projecting itself into a dominant void

as an atmosphere in which everything becomes enigmatic, even what seems to be made of known things, whether living or dead natures, gathered by a technique that is like a tightly woven net.” (Francesco Gallo)


Charcoal on cotton paper – 55×42 cm

The departure
Mixed media on canvas –
89×64.5 cm

Woman sitting
Mixed media on canvas –
70×50 cm

with guitar

Oil on canvas – 45×55 cm

At Home
(Drawing of the Quarantine)

Charcoal and chalk
on butcher paper – 80×60 cm

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