Terms and conditions

Site owner
6499 Srl, Via Madre Cabrini 10 – 20122 Milan (MI)
Customer service email address: info@6499milano.com

Terms of use of the site 6499milano.com
These conditions of sale apply exclusively to online orders placed through the website www.6499milano.com, whose owner is: 6499 Srl, Via Madre Cabrini 10 – 20122 Milano (MI). Every commercial transaction completed on this site is regulated by the provisions of dlgs 185/99, dlgs 206/05, art.12 of dlgs 70/03 and on the subject of protection of confidentiality of personal data, reference is made to the regulations of dlgs 196/03.

Acceptance of terms of sale
The contract for the sale of products on 6499milano.com is considered concluded only after the actual completion of payment by the customer and the confirmation of order processing sent by e-mail from customer service to the end user. Customer service will endeavor to promptly send an order fulfillment confirmation to the customer. The customer, by submitting his order electronically, declares that he has read and accepted these conditions of sale. Furthermore, he assumes the responsibility to observe and abide by them in his dealings with the site owner.

Processing of personal data
Pursuant to Art. 13 of dlgs 196/2003 the owner informs that the personal and fiscal data provided directly by customers during the purchase process will be processed in accordance with current legislation, including the obligations of confidentiality provided. The rights under Article 7 dlgs. can then be exercised. 196/2003. Please refer to the
Privacy Policy
complete for more information.

Obligations of the client
The customer is required to carefully read and observe these terms and conditions of sale before placing a purchase order on this site. Sending the purchase order implies full knowledge and acceptance of them. The customer is also required to keep and/or store these terms and conditions of sale, after having fully reviewed and accepted them during the order completion phase.

Finalization of the order
By sending a telematic order through this site, the customer transmits to the owner a proposal to purchase the products in their shopping cart. Through the placing of products in the shopping cart and the subsequent finalization of the online order, the customer then agrees to purchase the selected products at the price displayed and according to the terms stated in these terms of sale.
The owner will promptly notify the customer of acceptance and subsequent confirmation of order fulfillment. In the event of momentary or unforeseen unavailability of some ordered products, customer service will proceed with the cancellation of the order and a refund of any amounts already paid. Alternatively, it will be possible to receive a proposal to change the order, based on actual availability at the time. In particular, orders will not be accepted if the purchased products are not immediately in stock and if the customer is unable to settle the amount due using one of the methods available on the site, namely PayPal and bank transfer.

Purchasing process
The customer purchases the products whose features are clearly illustrated in the pictures and product sheets online, at the price indicated without adding shipping costs for Italy and EU. For shipments outside the European Union, please contact customer service
to the email address info@6499milano.com, which will undertake to send the customer a quote for the product in question, including shipping costs. Before the purchase order is submitted, the cost of each selected product or the total expenditure in case of multiple purchase is summarized. Only then will it be possible to finalize the order and proceed to payment.
Once the purchase order has been submitted, the customer will receive an automatic e-mail message confirming the acquisition of the order, containing a summary of information about the products purchased, details of prices, payment systems used and a reference to the terms of sale. Please note, this automatic summary message is not the same as the actual confirmation of order processing, which will instead only arrive later upon fulfillment by customer service.

Payment of the order
The customer can make payment of the amount due related to his order by choosing one of the following methods:

1. Payment with PayPal: In the event that the customer intends to make payment by credit card (or by their PayPal account balance), it is necessary to use the PayPal payment platform, which is suitable for ensuring the confidentiality of data provided by customers, whether in guest mode or through a pre-existing account. Any further information can be found at www.paypal.com.
2. Payment by bank transfer: Payment by bank transfer is available using the following details: IBAN: IT80M05034338200000004888 – Header: 6499 SRL. You will receive a summary of payment details within the order confirmation email. The amount should be paid within 2 working days after order confirmation.
In case the choice falls on the bank transfer, the products will be shipped to the address indicated by the customer only upon actual receipt of the credit, then on average within 2-3 working days after sending the transfer (timing varies depending on the bank). You may email a copy of the accounting to facilitate order processing, which in no way constitutes confirmation of credit.

Shipping and delivery
The ordered products will be sent by courier to the address specified by the customer and a tracking code will be provided via e-mail; normally the shipment needs 48-72h to be delivered to the Italian territory. Any special requirements should be communicated to customer service via the “notes” field of the order. The owner assumes no responsibility for how the contracted carrier handles the shipment, and in particular for delivery schedules, which are not binding. In case of non-delivery due to the absence of the recipient, the courier is required to make a second attempt on the first available working day (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are excluded). If the consignee is absent again, the goods will remain in storage at the relevant branch for up to 5 working days; after which they will be returned to the sender and the order accordingly cancelled.

Products purchased on 6499milano.com conform to the features illustrated online in the relevant description sheets. The owner is responsible to the customer for any conformity defects existing at the time of delivery of the product.

Right of withdrawal
The consumer in distance buying holds the option to exercise the right of withdrawal. Specifically, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract and return the ordered goods without penalty and without special reason under certain conditions within the period of 14 working days from receipt. The right applies to products purchased in their entirety therefore, if the product consists of several components, it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on a part and you must return the entirety of the material received.
Attention: the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if the returned product is not completely intact and sealed or is damaged or used even partially, in addition:
1. In case of lack of original packaging,
2. In case of absence of integral elements of the product,
3. In case of damage to the product due to causes other than transportation and not reported in time.

The right of withdrawal also does not apply to the supply of goods that by their nature cannot be returned or are likely to deteriorate/alter rapidly. The right of withdrawal is also excluded in the following cases, according to Art. 59 dlgs 21/2014:
Product orders from a non-consumer customer and/or requiring an invoice,
Custom or customized product orders;
Orders for products that may deteriorate or expire quickly;
Orders for sealed products that are not suitable for return for hygienic or health protection-related reasons or that have been opened after delivery.

Exercise of the right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending within 14 working days of receipt of the goods a written notice by email to: info@6499milano.com or by registered mail A / R to the address of the headquarters of the owner, after which the customer service will agree with the consumer on how to return the products. If the right of withdrawal is exercised by the customer in accordance with the provisions contained herein, the holder will refund the amounts paid by the customer. The holder reserves the right to reject any product returned in a manner different from that agreed upon, or products for which the manner and time specified for the exercise of the right of withdrawal has not been respected.

For any complaints or concerns about their order, customers can contact the customer service
via the e-mail address info@6499milano.com. For anything not expressly provided for in the
this document, the rules of current Italian law apply.