Paola Romano

Artist’s card

“His works are images of sky and earth, paths and stars, moons and landscapes. It used to be said that art is imitation of Nature, and this age-old ruling always works, especially for those artists who know well how their work is, before anything else, fabrication. And Roman is like that. She has a high awareness of her thinking without any pretense of being a philosopher of art explaining to us what the quintessence of things is.

But he does it concretely when he creates. Its intent is simple, direct and precisely because of this charged with a profound aptitude for getting down to the root of the essential problems of existence. She is moved by an iron will and an absolute urgency to do. There is an obvious emotionality in this artist that seems barely held in check. But, in fact, it is her predisposition to indulge the more “natural” and spontaneous impulses, so evident in the necessary prerequisites of her art, that preserves her from haste and difficulty. In a sense it is fair to say that his creations are, indeed, an “imitation of Nature.” (Claudio Strinati)

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