His canvases, illuminate the darkness that hangs over mental health awareness, and he uses them to foster liberation from the negative mindset and destructive thought patterns that today’s world dispenses and stereotypes.


There is all the New York style in Ross Pino’s canvases. His purely graffiti subjects, reminiscent of famous Writers such as Basquiat and Keith Haring, are absolutely always fashionable, striking and recognizable. You expect to find them on the walls of the beautiful New York City where he lives and works.

Having lived with two younger siblings and parents addicted to alcohol and drugs led him to view instability as a family concept that he had to live with from a young age. This need for denunciation and struggle led him to activate his artistic vein, which was born with the passion of the

skateboard that takes him on the streets to confront real and stark metropolitan realities. His passion for this discipline became more and more passionate and triggered his love for art, bringing him closer to music, fashion, and then painting.
And so it is that he finds himself in the Big Apple, swallowed up by a fruitful career as an actor and model, which, however, then leads him to grab a paintbrush and make it move on a canvas with innate creativity. The true path thus finds it. Whatever his representations, his canvases entertain and disarm, and that is why he travels with great speed in the international market.


Flying cube
Mixed media on canvas – 106.68×132.08 cm

Mixed media on canvas – 114.3×132.08 cm

Man with cat, no hands
Mixed media on canvas – 129.54×129.54 cm

Flying cube
Mixed media on canvas – 106.68×132.08 cm

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