On Friday, 24th May 2024, 6499 Milano opens, in London, the exhibition Vitaliano Marchetto and the Old Masters, hosted in the exhibition space of Charles Beddington, one of the leading international experts on the Old Masters landscape painters of the 18th century.
Until 24th June 2024, it will be possible to admire the works of Vitaliano Marchetto side by side with representative paintings of Vedutism.

If you must have something to be an artist, Vitaliano Marchetto certainly is one. Ten years spent in the woods searching for himself through the contact with nature. From there, the inspiration, feeling the power of creativity and the ability to turn his imagining into emotions. WA is the name of all his works, a Japanese term to represent harmony, serenity, moderation.

Here is the common thread that links Vitaliano Marchetto and the old masters, even though they might seem worlds apart. Contact with nature and harmony.

Reservations are already open for the vernissage on 24/05/24.
Contact us through the form to gain access to the event.

Thanks to a collaboration between Charles Beddington and 6499 Milano, the Vitaliano Marchetto and the Old Masters
exhibition is free.
However, there remains a reservation requirement to gain access to the exhibition space.

From the day after the opening, it will be possible to book a tour.
For info and reservations email or call +39.393.8828710.

A pleasant but rough person, solitary but affectionate, his friendships he carefully sought out, and so did those who would preserve his works in the collections that would be handed down.
His works are his children, loved by him like his dogs. And that is why they can never be anyone’s. At least not by first-hand. Iron and concrete: strength and toughness, just as he is.

At age 20 he moved to New York where he experienced the Western creative world, which he contrasted with a long stay in India delving into its art history.

Lives and works between Chiavari and Milan.

Join the opening on 24th May 2024

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